Municipales 2020: Agnès Buzyn's "bitterness" towards the government: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Last February, Agnès Buzyn was nominated LREM candidate in place of Benjamin Griveaux at short notice and embarked on the race for mayor of Paris. Thus, she left her post of Minister of Health to Olivier Véran while the coronavirus was settling in France, and as we learn in the magazine She Released Friday, May 22, 2020, she kept some grudges towards the government after this hasty departure.

It was on March 16, the day after the first round of municipal elections that the candidate cracked … As revealed to our colleagues Cédric Villani, the dissident LREM candidate for mayor of Paris, Agnès Buzyn burst into tears. For the mathematician often mocked in the media, he attended a "complete cracking"and"absolute". "She is crying, devastated, and eminently touching in her vulnerability. During this conversation, Agnes Buzyn hid neither her own remorse nor her resentment against the government and all those who, in the machinery of the state, did not take her warnings seriously,"he remembered.

The water drop…

At this precise moment, Agnes Buzyn accuses the blow. While she arrived behind Anne Hidalgo and Rachida Dati during this first round of municipal elections in Paris, she also feared that the French would hold her responsible for the spread of the coronavirus. On March 17, in The world, Agnes Buzyn had also spoken to say that she had warned her former colleagues of the future development of the coronavirus. "On January 11, I sent a message to the President about the situation,"she recalled. This interview had caused a lot of noise and already suggested a certain uneasiness.

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