Murat Yakin at the World Cup: “We can beat Brazil.”

Before the World Cup game on Monday, the Swiss national coach raves about the record world champion. But he says: “We can beat Brazil.”

The Swiss national coach Murat Yakin at the media conference on Sunday in Doha.

Abir Sultan / EPO

On Sunday, Murat Yakin will be asked whether the biggest game of his career will take place on Monday.

At 5 p.m. Swiss time, Switzerland will meet Brazil in the second World Cup match. National coach Yakin tells how, as a boy, he gave lectures on Brazilian footballers like Pelé, his fascination with the selection of the record world champions is palpable. He regrets the absence of the injured Neymar with the opponent. “It hurts every footballer’s heart. It’s better to see such world-class players on the pitch. But Brazil has enough players for three teams at the highest level.”

Yakin leaves no doubts about being confident of being able to tease the favorite. With impeccable organization and teamwork, with perfect timing in duels and determination in transition situations. “We can beat Brazil,” he says.

For this, Switzerland presumably needs a perfect performance – and thus a significant improvement compared to the first World Cup game against Cameroon (1-0). Murat Yakin says the game against Brazil is a particular challenge for him as a coach. The way he speaks, he doesn’t plan many changes. Not with the system, hardly with the staff, not because of the result of the Serbia – Cameroon match that takes place a few hours before. And also not with regard to the third group game on Friday against Serbia.

Central defenders Manuel Akanji and Nico Elvedi would be blocked after the next warning, which Yakin comments calmly: “You are clever. And if they fail, we have other good players on the team.” Only striker Noah Okafor will be without the coach against Brazil because of a thigh problem.

When asked if Monday was the biggest game of his career, Yakin replied on Sunday: “Ask me after the game.”

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