Murder in Avignon prison: two co-detainees indicted

Two men suspected of having participated in the murder of a 22-year-old prisoner, who was stabbed to death on Wednesday at the Avignon-Le Pontet penitentiary center during a prisoner walk in the disciplinary district, have been indicted. Friday, August 5, we learned from a judicial source.

The first, aged 19, suspected of being the author of the fatal blow with a ceramic knife, was indicted for “voluntary homicide“. He admitted the facts during his placement in police custody, confirmed to the ADP the prosecutor of Avignon.

The second, whose age was not specified, was indicted for “complicity in intentional homicide“, We added from the same source without providing details on the motive of the attackers. The two men were placed in detention for these facts. Asked Wednesday after the tragedy by AFP, the Force Ouvrière (FO) union explained that “a violent fighthad broken out between inmates and that one of them had beenstabbed“. The prosecutor of Avignon, Florence Galtier, told AFP that only six detainees from the disciplinary section were in the courtyard when one of them had received a fatal stab wound. Heard in police custody, the three other co-detainees, exonerated, were able to return to the Avignon prison.

The supervisors had not hesitated to enter the courtyard to extract the victim in order to provide him with first aid, in vain because he died of his injuries.“, had specified FO. “It’s an absolute tragedy, the death of a young man is always a tragedy“declared the Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti on the day of the events during a press briefing on the sidelines of a trip to Marseille.

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