Murder of Kévin Chavatte: who are the 17-year-old “diabolical lovers” presumed guilty? : Current Woman The MAG

The Reims prosecutor nicknamed them the "devilish lovers". June 2, 2018 Kevin Chavatte, young blond teenager of seventeen years in final S class, is savagely killed with thirty-four stab wounds while he is walking with his ex-girlfriend, Océane, in the Bois-des-Sœurs park in the town of Mourmelon-le-Grand in the Marne. A few seconds after the tragedy, the young woman, also aged seventeen, calls the police, in tears, explaining the situation. According to her, a "tall and swarthy aggressor" tried to steal his bag à main and her boyfriend, Kévin, would have intervened. Taken for a collateral victim, Océane will also be asked to draw a robot portrait of the culprit. A few hours later, the second accomplice, Adrien, cracks in custody and lifts the veil on Océane's Machiavellian plan. Tuesday, January 26, 2021, opened the first day of the trial of two young suspects at the Assize Court for Minors of Marne.

Violent video games, passion for historical re-enactments … two teenagers fascinated by violence

For the victim's lawyers, a question still remains unanswered: why would the two young adolescents have committed an act of such violence? This is what is at stake in the trial currently being held in Reims. To learn more about the psychological profile of the two defendants, psychiatric examinations were carried out by the police. The victim's ex-girlfriend, who appears freely following a procedural flaw, still refuses to give her version of the facts to the police. A problematic behavior for the investigators, who also had to interrupt his custody following violent epileptic seizures. According to BFMTV, it is she who would have proposed this mortal pact to Adrien, first through a virtual role-play, then offer him to take action. According to the parents of the alleged culprit, Océane was "responsible for his academic woes."

As revealed France Blue, the young woman was used to violence, as was her alleged accomplice. Indeed, Adrien is a big fan of violent video games and reenactments of historical battles. A few days before committing the irreparable, the young man of seventeen posed in camouflage uniform on his Instagram account with the following caption: "Make war, not love" in French). Both "devilish lovers" both came from military families. It is also with a dagger from WWII (offered at Christmas), found bloodstained in Adrien's room, that the murder had been committed on June 2, 2018.

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