Murder of Sihem: “Keep your money”, his family speaks for the first time after the tragedy

The relatives of Sihem Belouahmia spoke this Friday, February 3. Facing the camera, they wanted to thank the French for their support.

It is a macabre discovery that was made this Thursday, February 2. The body of Sihem Belouahmia, who has been missing since January 26, was found thanks to the indications of the main suspect, Mahfoud H., a 39-year-old man. After denying any involvement, he finally confessed and it’s a dispute related to a romantic relationship which was mentioned by the prosecutor of Nîmes. This Friday, February 3, it was the relatives of the teenager who spoke for the first time. His death had a shock effect, first said Azzedine, the first cousin of the victim. Aware that this tragedy has greatly affected the French, he then specifies: “We refuse any type of kitty, keep your money. Your support is enough for us“before greeting the”enormous work done by the investigators“. Subsequently, Azzedine regrets that the suspect could have attacked Sihem Belouahmia.”If justice had more means, we would have tried it sooner, we could have avoided this tragedy“, he clarified before adding: “He tries to bury the truth“. But what happened on January 26? Why did Mahfoud H attack the young woman?

Mahfoud H., aged 39, was a man known to the courts. He had 13 mentions in his criminal record: five for offenses against property and eight related to driving a vehicle. In 2015, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for thefts and robberies. “He was released from prison after having served his sentence in full., said the prosecutor before adding that he had since been under judicial control. For those close to Sihem, it is his “criminal record that speaks for itself, there is a lot of harm to say about it. We could write books about his badness“, affirmed Azzedine before continuing: “No one has the slightest indication that there was a relationship between Sihem and this gentleman. No one has proof“As a reminder, the suspect mentioned an intimate relationship with his victim, but the lawyer for Sihem Belouahmia’s relatives immediately denied the information.”This gentleman was very frowned upon. With this, he tries to bury the truth. But we trust, the truth will come out sooner or later, we trust justice“, declares Azzedine, who wishes to do justice to his cousin. He ends his speech by affirming that the family of Sihem awaits the burial but also the results of the autopsy for “rebuild“.

Murder of Sihem Belouahmia: what did the suspect tell the investigators?

The body of Sihem Belouahmia could be found thanks to the indications of the suspect, placed in police custody. He first denied the facts before confessing and evoking a “dispute related to a romantic relationship“.An explanation quickly denied.”This romantic relationship, nobody knew about it“, quickly indicated Me Mourad Battikh, the lawyer for the relatives of the teenager, before adding that it is only a question of “the version of respect” and he is “quite likely it never existed“. For his part, Jean-Marc Darrigade, the lawyer for the alleged murderer, said: “I assisted a man who decided to face his heavy responsibility in the disappearance of Sihem and put an end to an unbearable suspense for his loved ones by guiding the investigators” before adding that his client is aware that “his fault is not forgivable, but his silence would only have made it worse“. The autopsy performed this Friday, February 3 should provide answers.

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