Murder of the Muller couple: “We could have known”, the incomprehension of the victims’ daughters in the face of the court’s decision: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It is a double murder of incredible violence which took place on the night of December 14 to 15, 2019, in a pavilion in Izon in Gironde. Jean-Claude Muller, 58, and his wife Sylviane, 50, were found dead in the marital bedroom of their home. They were killed with great violence: the husband received around twenty stab wounds, half of them to the heart, while his wife suffered violent blows to the face, before being slit and then raped. After years of investigation, Wednesday November 15, 2023, a suspect confessed. This is a close neighbor of the victims, David D., aged 53. Indicted for murder, he was placed in pre-trial detention and risks life imprisonment. Sunday November 26, 2023, our colleagues from Seven to Eight returned to this terrible affair. They were able to meet the two daughters of the Muller couple, Natacha and Margaux. They learned of the arrest of a man through their lawyers.

Natacha Muller explained that she regularly greeted the alleged murderer of her parents

The main suspect was questioned in September 2020, like many residents of Izon, and agreed to submit to a saliva sample. Only, as reported Seven to Eight, the investigators had estimated his alibi and his statements not at all suspicious. So, it is not that three years later his saliva test was analyzed and that his DNA matched the unknown genetic fingerprint taken from under Sylviane Muller’s nails. An aberration for the couple’s eldest daughter. “We could have known in September 2020. What’s the problem? There are not enough laboratories or they focused too much on hypotheses and did not analyze the rest. We ask ourselves a lot of questions, and we don’t understand thata DNA can be analyzed three years later”, she said very angrily. A situation all the more difficult to live with for the young woman who declared having greeted, on numerous occasions, the alleged assassin of her parents in recent years. While in police custody, David D. did not explain the reasons for his action. He remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

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