Muriel Robin: this amazing project that could be released… in 2039

From her first steps as an actress to her role as Suzanne in the series “Mon Ange”, broadcast this Thursday, January 13, Muriel Robin has a busy career. If his journey inspired him an autobiography, this book may never be published.

At 66, Muriel Robin is at the head of a superb career. Whether in front of the cameras or on the boards of the biggest theaters, she has established herself as one of the favorite actresses of the French. And as an actress of her rank, Muriel Robin once again shows the full extent of her talent in the new episodes of the mini-series “My angel”, broadcast this Thursday, January 13 on TF1. With such a professional career and a beautiful love story with his wife Anne Le Nen, the comedian could very well inspire a biography. And this has indeed already been the case. In collaboration with journalist and writer Lionel Duroy, Muriel Robin wrote her biography entitled “That’s it, go be interesting!”. A book, in which Pierre Palmade’s friend looks back on the highlights of her life, whose release is planned… for 2039, as revealed by our colleagues from The Obs.

However, it may well be that this biography is never found on the shelves of booksellers. Although the title of this book echoes a remark made by his mother as she began to make a name for herself, Muriel Robin does not recognize herself over the chapters. Therefore, the interpreter of Jacqueline Sauvage does not plan to publish this book. “I did it with Lionel Duroy, a delightful man, but I can’t find myself in the book. So he won’t come out. Or in 2039. When we’re all dead, she concluded with her legendary outspokenness. While waiting to turn the pages of this book or not, fans of Muriel Robin can still wait with her autobiography. Brittle (XO editions) published in 2018.

Muriel Robin: a life of suffering

If she is a happy and loving woman, Muriel Robin has not always had the right to this happiness. Like her character Suzanne, in the series My angel, the 66-year-old actress has long suffered from loneliness in his youth. As she sought to lift the veil on her sexual orientation, the director was often judged for her style of dress and her boyish cut. “I was pointed out, I was different, I was disturbing. This isolation, I experienced it”, she told the magazine Tele-Star, Friday, December 31.

In addition to this trauma, Muriel Robin also suffered from the lack of love from her mother. During her life as an illegitimate child, the actress never knew no tender gesture or show of affection from his mother, as she confided in the columns of Paris Match. “At home, we didn’t touch, we didn’t kiss. There was no ‘sweetheart’, no kisses, nothing”. His wounds dragging him into a downward spiral where all was destruction, alcohol and bad food, Muriel Robin thought of the worst. His meeting with his partner Anne Le Nen allowed him to find peace of mind. “Anne is my soul mate. I can’t live without her. That’s how it is. And neither can she without me”, she said with tenderness in the show Sept à Huit, last December. Today, Muriel Robin lives on love and joy.

Photo credits: Jean-Marc Lhomer / Bestimage

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