Musk’s PlayStation Killer? Tesla boss comments on console plans

Elon Musk is known to be a passionate gamer himself, savvy in business and the richest person in the world – so launching his own gaming console would be a no-brainer for him. But he doesn’t do that for a good reason.

Many models of his Tesla car brand are already equipped with video games thanks to numerous cooperations, but Musk does not want to compete with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

PlayStation and Xbox: Elon Musk clearly says “no” to his own console

Musk is very active on social media, especially when it comes to new and profitable technologies and video games. He even couldn’t get enough of Elden Ring recently. His passion goes so far that a car is not just a means of transport for him, but also for entertainment – for this reason, games such as Cuphead are already available to passengers on a monitor. He also ran a hilarious poll on The Witcher a few years back.

However, most gamers still use the PlayStation, the Xbox, the Nintendo Switch or the PC and Elon Musk also seems to prefer the latter.

He recently guest-starred on a Full Sand Podcast podcast (source: YouTube). There he was asked if he was interested in developing his own video game console. He answered this question quite clearly with a direct “No”. He wouldn’t be sure if a new console would add value in the current market, and basically gaming consoles would be PCs – which could indicate that he sees the future of gaming more in PC games. So Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo don’t have to fear competition here.

Elon Musk has his fingers in almost everything:

Steam will soon be available in Tesla cars

Making an entire platform available in cars with Steam may sound bizarre at first, but that doesn’t stop Elon Musk from doing so. In mid-July, he announced via Twitter that she Steam integration progress and that a demo should probably be available next month, i.e. this August (source: Steam).

If Steam runs on a handheld PC like the Steam Deck, there’s no longer any reason why it couldn’t work on Teslas – but is it necessary?

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