Must-have in May: These leggings are opaque and shape every figure

Anyone who thinks that you have to be slim to wear leggings has not yet found the right model. Good leggings are shaped in such a way that curves are optimally emphasized and conceal problem areas. The Yenita Slim Leggings by Cotton Prime are completely opaque, tighten the silhouette and thanks to the dense, elastic material, they do not cut in. You can currently get the leggings with the voucher code COTTONDEAL for only 14.90 euros instead of 19.90 euros.

The most important things at a glance:

  • no annoying seams
  • extra high waistband
  • opaque
  • shaping
  • perfect fit
  • Secure the leggings here with the voucher code COTTONDEAL for only 14.90 euros instead of 19.90 euros

In lockdown, we rely on comfortable clothing. If we spend most of our time at home, it is certainly not in uncomfortable, pinching jeans, but in comfortable home outfits in which we feel right at home. Despite all the comfort, we still want to look stylish when we have to leave the house to go shopping. And it is precisely for these little trips that we have discovered the perfect pants: leggings! Because they offer the perfect symbiosis of fashion and comfort and have therefore been one of the favorite basics on the couch and in the hip street style scene for years.

Shaping effect: These leggings perfectly showcase your curves

Anyone who thinks that leggings emphasize rather than conceal problem areas has not yet discovered the perfect model. Good leggings shapes the figure and brings out curves optimally, without being unfavorable. Particularly important: A firm, dense and elastic material that does not show any dents, but instead everything is pushed into the right place.

Good leggings can even make you look slimmer. The Yenita slim leggings by Cotton Prime can through an extra high waistband made of solid material optimally conceals problem areas on the stomach and hips and thus ensures a more defined silhouette. The Legs are tightened, slight dents disappear. The bottom is also slightly lifted and nicely shaped. Thanks to the high covenant will also still be the tummy taut prevents the covenant from rolling offt. The leggings give us a tight bottom and a narrow waist without going to the beauty doctor or endless booty workouts. This means that the leggings are not only suitable for relaxing on the sofa, but can also be worn for walks or shopping without hesitation.

Here you will find the shaping leggings at a bargain price: Instead of 19.90 euros you currently only pay 14.90 euros with the voucher code.

As comfortable as a second skin thanks to a seamless design

Comfortable shapewear? You don’t hear that very often. But the Yenita Slim Leggings by Cotton Prime fit perfectly thanks to the firm material and the high cut and are still comfortable to wear. This is mainly due to the super-elastic, slightly shaping stretch quality that does not cut or pinch when you sit, but adapts to your body like a second skin.

You are currently shopping for the leggings even cheaper: you pay 19.90 euros instead here only 14.90 euros! To do this, simply enter the voucher code COTTONDEAL in the shopping cart.

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