MWC 2024: Qualcomm unveils its new Snapdragon X80 modem

Image: Qualcomm.

On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, which is being held this week in Barcelona, ​​Qualcomm unveiled its new 5G RF modem, the Snapdragon X80.

The new modem will soon be deployed in various product categories, from smartphones to PCs, all extended reality (XR) devices, automotive and industrial IoT (internet of things).

Improved performance thanks to 5G Advanced and AI

The Snapdragon X80 supports 5G Advanced, which enables even higher performance than 5G, including ultra-low latency.

It uses artificial intelligence, powered by the Qualcomm 5G AI processor, to improve throughput, quality of service, radio range and location accuracy, while reducing latency and enabling greater energy efficiency.

Thanks to the new Qualcomm modem, the download speed can reach 10 GB/s, and 3.5 GB/s when uploading. The Snapdragon

Arrival expected this year

“The Snapdragon

“The Snapdragon »

Snapdragon X80 prototypes have been sent to key customers. To take advantage of Qualcomm’s new system, you will have to wait a little longer: new devices integrating it should be released later this year.

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