My Body My Fitness: Happy Fit or sport that feels good


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“Happy whatever his fit”, here is the Happy Fit credo! Exercise to feel good, without pressure, while having fun.

A lawyer by training to follow a family pattern, Lisa was not fulfilled in her profession. This mapped out career ended up making her lose confidence in herself. “This situation touched me both morally and physically. I was looking for a way out to really flourish.” In order to find out who she really was, she tested several therapies (psychology, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, diet).

“This path allowed me to ask myself the right questions and naturally guided me towards sport. At the beginning, I just went there to let off steam but little by little, I realized that sport allowed me to let go taken, to move forward. It allowed me to become aware of my body and to feel free. ” This awareness was the trigger, and at 30, she finally dares to live a life in accordance with her values.

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