My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, an unexpected free-to-play announced for PC and consoles!

Multiplayer games inspired byanime or will known manga be the new fad of Bandai Namco Games ? After the original Dragon Ball: The Breakers, the editor has just announced in the columns of the last Weekly Jump some My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble.

My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble 13 01 2021 scan 1

Yes, it isa Battle royale in free-to-play in the universe of MHA, unveiled even as the fighting game My Hero One’s Justice 2 (available from € 37.47 on is not done with his Season Pass 2. It will offer online games for 24 players where the objective will visibly be to be the last survivor and where we can play as Deku, Bakugo, Shoto, All Might and many others.

Details on the gameplay, the roster and the release date will be given later, but a closed beta should quickly allow us to try the concept. My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble will therefore be free, and is planned for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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