“My mother suffered incest”: the terrible revelations of Aurélie Preston on the set of Cyril Hanouna

Friday November 25, 2022, Aurélie Preston was invited to the Touche set not at my post, on C8. Moved to tears, the former reality TV candidate revealed that her mother had been a victim of incest.

A moving testimony… Former reality TV candidate, Aurélie Preston was the victim of harassment and tried to end her life. Having lived through dark days, the young woman wanted to tell her story in the book broken. In it, she says in particular:My life begins in the most sordid hospital of 93. My blood is dirty. Heroin, crack, hash, which my mother, Fabienne, consumed during her pregnancy. And then there is also the DNA of my father, Georges, which runs through my veins. This DNA that I didn’t choose. This father who pushed my mother into vice. This father who does not come to see me when I am born. This father who is only a progenitor.” In his book, Aurélie Preston says her mother sold crack, prostituted herself and sold stolen watches. Friday November 25, 2022, on the Touche set not at my post, on C8, she agreed to say more.

Facing Cyril Hanouna, it was on the verge of tears that the 30-year-old young woman said: “Unfortunately, my mother suffered a lot in her life. She suffered incest and my grandmother did not divorce this man who made her suffer this. She went to live in Saint-Denis and unfortunately she met a bad person, my father. I understand better today and I explain it very well in the book, that I did not meet my father for certain reasons and in particular because it was he who injected my mother while she was pregnant with me. It is a start in life that is quite difficult and it is difficult to get up every day.“Referring to her suicide attempt, Aurélie Preston later confided: “I wanted to kill myself in the car. It can’t be decided, it’s impulses. I was listening to music, I was driving at 200km/h on a road in Montpellier with plane trees and I said to myself ‘why am I living?’ (…) And even today, I tell you Cyril, I am here because I have a message to convey and for my grandmother.

Aurélie Preston: “I did not expect to arrive in a system like that”

Asked what prompted him to end his life, the former reality TV candidate said with emotion: “Does it pass for a person who had an inflatable doll on a TV set with his picture on it? Is that it, Aurelie? No, in everyday life, she’s a fighter, she’s a girl who gets up every day and knows why she wants it. When I wanted to stop living, it was because the 1% that always clung to me, a month and a half ago, no longer existed.“Regretting having done reality TV, Aurélie Preston added:”I am sorry. I didn’t expect to arrive in a system like that and today I’m just happy to see that certain shows no longer exist and I’m just happy to see that there is prevention.“A real cry from the heart…

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