"My mother's heart is crying": Nathalie Marquay in shock after the spread of a violent assault: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Released on January 23, 2021, images of the assault on Yuriy, 15, beaten up by a dozen people chills your spine. The facts go back to the evening of Friday, January 15, 2021, the young man is taken to task. Kicks, punches, bat, the teenager is beaten for many seconds and left lying on the floor. The attackers, meanwhile, flee.

A week after his assault, Yuriy is still in Necker Hospital in serious condition. In an interview with BFM TV, the young man's mother, Nataliya Kruchenyk, gives news about his state of health: "Yuriy is better, he starts to wake up, wanting to talk to us, to move, and that's a very good sign ". News that is therefore reassuring

Nathalie Marquay moved: "My mom's heart is crying"

Following the spread of the assault, many personalities were keen to support the teenager. TV presenter Vanessa Le Moigne launched a "call for witnesses" via his twitter account to help investigators resolve the case and locate the perpetrators. Omar Sy also commented : "Good recovery to you Yuriy, I think of you and yours." Footballer Antoine Griezmann spoke out against "unbearable images " and a tweeted to support the young boy: "Force yourself Yuriy and get well."

Nathalie Marquay, also moved and shocked by the violence of the aggression, shared a photo of the teenager's face and a poignant post to his Instagram account: "My mom's heart is crying". Jean-Pierre Pernaut's wife added to have "a deep thought for parents".

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