My name is Groot: when does the series centered on the super cute Avenger take place?

Disney + puts online this August 10 My name is Groot, a series of short films centered on the adorable little Avenger, member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. But by the way, what place will it take in the MCU?

Disney+ continues to develop its streaming offer by multiplying Marvel projects. While the long-awaited She-Hulk is about to tumble down in force on the platform, the American house is offering its subscribers this August 10 an adorable series called My name is Groot. As its name suggests, its hero is the facetious Avenger and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Composed of 5 fun and colorful short films, it is aimed at both fans and the uninitiated, with the main target being families with children.

If at first glance, this new original creation seems to have no connection with the rest of the MCU, My name is Groot nevertheless fits well in the chronology. The action takes place more precisely between Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and its post-credits scene, in which we find the talking tree in a teen version (and grumpy!). A logical and wise choice, as Baby Groot melted the spectators at the cinema!

It remains to be seen whether My Name is Groot will be closely linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy adventures in the cinema and if it will call for cameos. We already know that Racket Raccoon will make a small appearance, but with Disney, we can always expect a few surprises…

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