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You have a beautiful orchid, and you take care of it, despite this, after a beautiful flowering, the flowers have fallen. This is completely normal and part of the orchid's life. Is it possible to make orchids bloom several times by adopting the right gestures and having a little patience?

What to do when the flowers of my orchid fall?

When the flowers have fallen, you just need to cut off the stem. If it has turned yellow, cut it flush, if it is still green, cut it above the 3rd bud. This operation will allow it to start a new growth. But be patient, it can take several weeks or even months.

How can I speed up the flowering of my orchid?

Orchids like temperature swings at night, so in spring and fall, take them out to your balcony or to the garden for the night, and bring them in during the day. Please note that the night temperature must not be lower than 13 ° C. If you do this, the flowers will reappear more quickly.

How can I prolong the flowering of my orchid?

Orchids grow in equatorial and tropical forests. When they are in flower, ensure them a temperature of at least 18 ° C.

In their tropical forest, they also benefit from a great luminosity with the sun which is filtered by the vegetation of the forest. In winter, place it as close to a window as possible, but in spring or summer, keep it away from direct sunlight, as with too much sunlight leaves or flowers can burn.

How to ensure good humidity for your orchid?

Orchids drink with their roots, but also breathe with their roots, that is why they are on wood chips, for air to pass around, to breathe.

You can also mist them daily. The trick to always having a good humidity level: fill a large saucer with clay balls and then water. Place the pot on the marbles. The water will evaporate producing ideal humidity for the orchid.

The wrong thing to do with your orchid

The most common mistake you make with your orchid is overwatering. Indeed, it does not confuse a lot of humidity and a lot of watering. It should never be left in standing water. To do this properly, let the pot soak in water for 15 to 30 minutes and then let it drain well to avoid standing water.

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