“My queer life”: Spanish dramedy celebrates its premiere on German TV

“My queer life”
Spanish dramedy celebrates its premiere on German TV

“My queer life” tells about the life of Bob Pop.

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Celebrated in Spain, the six-part dramedy series “My queer life” will soon also be shown in Germany.

The dramedy “My queer life” (original title: “Maricón Perdido”) comes on German television. The series, which tells from the life of Roberto Enríquez (born 1971), is celebrated in Spain. The daily newspaper “El Mundo” described it as “one of the most moving and outstanding TV moments in recent years”, and “La Vanguardia” from Barcelona rated it “great”.

The all-rounder Enríquez, also known as Bob Pop, works, among other things, as an author, blogger and comedian – and now also as a series creator. Hardly seen in this country so far, he is considered a cult star in Spain. “My queer life” shows Enríquez ‘story. Starting in the 1980s, the series processes both tragic and comic moments from an outsider. As a homosexual and a fan of musicals, he has to deal with bullying. But it’s not just about his youth at a provincial school; His student days up to his present life are also highlighted.

Bob Pop himself played in “My Queer Life”

“‘My queer life’ is my story, but I think it’s representative of many who have been through something similar,” explains Bob Pop. Being able to write this series “has been a redeeming experience and has helped me get to a point where I’m happy despite everything,” he continues. Precisely because he can tell his own story and is not alone with it.

Bob Pop plays himself in “My Queer Life”, while Gabriel Sánchez and Carlos Gónzález impersonate him in previous phases of life. In addition to them, “House of Money” stars Alba Flores (35), Candela Peña (48) and Carlos Bardem (58) can be seen.

Warner TV series will soon celebrate its German TV premiere. A YouTube trailer showswhat series fans can expect on November 25th and December 2nd. On each of the two days, three of the six episodes can be seen from 8:15 p.m. The episodes are available in two channels, in German and Spanish.


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