“My vagina has quadrupled in size”

It is a strong and particularly important testimony that Elsa Dasc delivered on her YouTube channel. The young woman has suffered a lot in recent months.

I have struggled privately for a year and a half with fertility. Having a child for me will never be easy“wrote Elsa Dasc in August 2022 on Instagram. The young woman, revealed by reality TV in particular in the show The Princes of Love, appeared smiling on a hospital bed, in the company of Arthur, her husband. The influencer had just gone through a series of difficult episodes. Recently, she confided at length in a YouTube video. She chose to break the taboo on her infertility problem and talk about her hard experience. In April 2022, the young woman, who lives in Mauritius, learns that she has an inflammation of the tubes. “The doctor says, ‘We’re going to tie your tubes, and we’re going to do IVF.’ Basically next month I’m pregnant“, she explains. Elsa and her husband still decide to seek a second medical opinion, this time in France. The doctor considers that she is far too young and in good health to remove her tubes. He proposes to unclog them during an operation: hysteroscopy laparoscopy.

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When she wakes up after a four-hour operation, Elsa knows her diagnosis. She has superficial endometriosis that was removed. “I had always told myself that I did not suffer from it. Because I know what a woman can feel with endometriosis, that the symptoms are very strong. And I was asymptomatic. She holds on and rests. She does not feel any pain until evening: “There, I had very, very badly. The night has passed, and the next day I think the anesthesia from the operation has been absorbed. The super Warrior side that I had faded away. I feel pain in my stomach, I see bruises. That’s normal. But the pain was still very, very strong, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.“It’s the beginning of hell for Elsa Dasc who, recovering at home in France, begins to feel weaker and weaker:”I could no longer get up, move left or right. I reached a stage where I was no longer eating. I asked Arthur (her husband, Editor’s note) to go buy me diapers.” The following night, the pain intensifies, Elsa “screams in pain”, and is not at the end of her troubles: “I passed out in pain. I was losing control of my body, and leaving.“Arthur decides to take her to the hospital. His darling is suffering from internal bleeding. The situation is alarming, and the young woman panics: “Am I going to go there?! I saw stress around me.

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“It turned into a purple, blue color.”

Fortunately, the medical profession immediately took matters into their own hands and Elsa was able to be operated on again to stop the internal bleeding. But if she chose to talk about it, it is also to raise awareness of her more than a million subscribers. Infertility cannot be resolved with a few appointments and IVF. There are physical and moral sequelae that are not always seen. On YouTube, Elsa Dasc thus returned to the traces left by her two surgeries. “I have big bruises all over my body, but also, my vagina has quadrupled in size. Yes Yes Yes. It turned into a purple, blue color. Like a big hematoma. It’s very ugly to see“, she says bluntly. “When you have health concerns, you don’t care about physical problems. Especially since I knew it was going to go away, I wasn’t at all ashamed of my body at the time.“From now on, Elsa Dasc hopes that her tubes”are well uncorked, because they can be resealed“, and continues, with her husband, to try to have a baby”with the natural method“.


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