Mysterious flying objects over USA: Washington dispels concern about extraterrestrials

Mysterious flying objects over USA
Washington allays concerns about extraterrestrials

A US general is fueling the rumor mill with a statement. When asked if three unidentified objects in the US sky were the work of aliens, he said he didn’t want to rule that out. US President Biden’s spokeswoman is now giving the all-clear.

After the US military shot down three mysterious flying objects, the White House has made it clear that it sees no extraterrestrials at work. “I know there have been questions and concerns about this, but there is no evidence of extraterrestrial activity or extraterrestrial activity in the recent launches,” US President Joe Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said at the White House. “I wanted to make sure Americans knew that.”

The statements by the Biden spokeswoman caused a few laughs in the press room of the White House. The day before, General Glen VanHerck, who is responsible for North American airspace, was asked whether the government could be sure that the objects were not alien UFOs. He replied with “I haven’t ruled anything out at this point in time” – unintentionally fueling wild speculation.

The general, who also heads the North American air defense command, Norad, which detected and eliminated recent flying objects, stressed that his job was to defend the country. When asked if more kills were to be expected, he said: “Anything approaching North America, if it’s unknown, I will identify – and assess whether it poses a threat. If it’s a threat, I shoot it off.” Norad is currently not tracking any other objects. “That’s not to say there won’t be more at some point in the future, but we don’t see anything at the moment.”

Kirby: Reconnaissance will take time

The US military had shot down three unidentified objects over the skies of the US and Canada in the past few days. The crackdown followed the downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon over the US east coast on February 4. It is still unclear what the other three objects were.

The US government agreed that the public would wait a long time until the background could be clarified. The National Security Council communications director, John Kirby, said in Washington that the government is working to find out exactly what these aircraft were and were aimed at. This included intensive efforts to recover their debris from the remote launch sites. “It can take a long time, depending on the sea and weather conditions.”

The safety of divers must also be protected. Within a few days, the US military first shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon and then three other unidentified flying objects. There is hardly any reliable information on the three most recently destroyed missiles. Kirby pointed out that remains of the Chinese balloon were pulled out of the Atlantic off the coast of South Carolina. In the other cases, the search is more difficult.

“It’s important to remember that the objects in Alaska and Canada are in fairly remote terrain.” You are dealing with “ice and wilderness and everything that makes it difficult to find them in winter weather”. The object shot down over Lake Huron in the northern United States on Sunday is in very deep water. The military continues to monitor the airspace closely, Kirby emphasized. At the moment, however, no other suspicious missiles are on the trail. The government does not know exactly whether the three previously unidentified flying objects were also used for surveillance, “but we cannot rule it out”. For this reason and because of their altitude, which could have posed a threat to civil air traffic, they were shot down.

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