Nabilla and Thomas Vergara “like crazy”: they open the doors of their custom house

By dint of seeing her travel to the four corners of the world, as much for pleasure as for professional projects, we would have almost forgotten that Nabilla was the owner of an exceptional house in Dubai. It must be said that the young woman of 29 years had not really been able to benefit from it lately because of the pharaonic works that she had undertaken. But that’s it, a year and a half after the start of the work, Nabilla and her husband Thomas Vergara were finally able to take over the premises. On Christmas Eve, the couple had the great pleasure of offering a small guided tour to their community on social networks.

It’s official, we’re finally coming home, merry Christmas“, goes into ecstasy Nabilla at the gates of her majestic property, as you can discover in the video of our slideshow. Large bay windows, an XXL swimming pool, a hot tub next to a fire, a luxurious garden furniture , a barbecue area … the exterior of their house is simply amazing and could well make more than one dream. The interior is just as sumptuous with a gigantic kitchen open to the living room and the dining room. all in a marbled decor. “We are finally in our house, since the time. It’s true that it was very, very, very long and we have it for Christmas Day. It’s beautiful, I’m like a phew. After almost a year and a half of waiting … Magnificent“, Thomas rejoices not without emotion in the video.

The house of his dreams

The parents of Milann (2 years old) worked a lot on this colossal and tailor-made project. In 2020, Nabilla promised that her cozy nest would be “grandiose” and she had not lied. “An American kitchen, a huge dressing room, the one of my dreams. We also talked about my son’s room, he will have a huge room. We’re going to break the terrace to make it bigger, the same with the swimming pool, we’re going to enlarge it, we’re going to put teak on the floor, it’s going to be hot. Lots of little things like that … We are going to have a sick house, so I’m so happy!“, she announced at the start of the work. For her, this is a sacred achievement.”It’s a crazy thing, we thought about it, we chose it, we have done all the steps for a year since we have been on this project … I’m so happy I didn’t think that one day I would have my own house the way I love, all drawn, the one of my dreams when I was little, I am so happy, so proud of my husband, of me, of my family“, she declared in tears last March. This is a superb Christmas present that she will not therefore soon forget.

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