Nabilla and Thomas Vergara: Luxurious vacations and grand cape for Milann, the incredible photos

The holidays have finally started for Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara. The filming of his new show Cosmic Lovee being finished, the couple took the plane with their sons Milann (2 and a half years) and Leyann (1 month) for a new destination. The charming 35-year-old brunette shared a few stories on Snapchat and his subscribers were certainly quickly impressed by the setting but also by one of their children.

Place to relax for Thomas Vergara and Nabilla. And they have everything to be happy as they revealed on social networks. The lovers will stay in a sumptuous villa, which the former candidate of Secret Story (season 6, in 2012) unveiled on video. Thus, Internet users were able to discover a huge living room, a large dining room or even a hammam and a sauna. They will also be able to enjoy their own swimming pool.

Milann was quick to put on his swimsuit. And as Thomas Vergara revealed on Snapchat, the little boy… is already swimming. “Milann is taking a step forward. He is training to swim. He gets there without armbands and without a vest“, he launched while we could see him advancing towards his mother. Leyann’s brother manages to move, without difficulty it seems, with his head under water. Then he maintained it then out of the water, to the delight of his parents.

The cute family also took a golf cart to where the hotel structures were. On the program: beach, large swimming pool and enormous Kids Club. Milann will be able to enjoy rides, cinemas, an aquarium or even a game room. “We dropped off Milann. As much to tell you that he is like a fish in water“, confided Thomas Vergara. What to make more than one dream.

Nabilla will be able to relax after having experienced a complicated plane trip. “I got judged on the plane, Leyann was just screaming, I was too ashamed, I became the person people hate on the plane… I take back everything I said about people who had babies crying, I should never have puffed, I was punished“, she had in particular entrusted the 27 last July.

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