Nabilla: complexion and liner always perfect, even during confinement! The proof in photo with Milann and Thomas Vergara: Current Woman Le MAG

Nabilla Vergara is very active on social networks, especially on Instagram. She is currently in confinement in her Dubai home with her family. This does not prevent him from regularly publishing photos of her with outfits always on top and beauty guns. For example, she adopted pink hair, the stylish short bob, the romantic XXL lengths, the low ponytail… We love all of her hair styles!

Nabilla: perfect makeup and an adorable family moment

But that's not all because the former reality TV star uses her networks to show her family: her husband Thomas Vergara, with whom she has shared her life since 2013, and their son Milann, born in October 2019. The beautiful is often displayed with her son on pictures full of tenderness. She take him in his arms, poses with him during a bottle break: Nabilla is a happy and fulfilled mother.
On his latest publication, Nabilla and Thomas are kissing on the cheeks of their toddler Milann, who is smiling. She is superb and displays a canon make-up : a perfectly made line of eyeliner. The liner always works and gives an appearance “Cat eye”, cat's eye, which lengthen your gaze. But it is not easy to apply. First make your line at the bottom of the eyelashes with a kohl pencil before using a liquid or felt eyeliner. The goal ? Correct the line more easily before going to the liner. To finish your line, make a small point and then bring the pencil towards the inside of the eye so that your commas are the same. You can then return to the line with your eyeliner. That's it !

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