Nabilla mom: a photo in the birth room leaked, a nurse blamed!

Sunday June 5, 2022 was a great day for Nabilla. The former reality TV candidate now business woman and influencer gave birth to her second child. On Instagram, the pretty brunette posed alongside her lover Thomas Vergara. In her arms, she carries her adorable little baby, a little boy named Leyann. A nice surprise for the couple who had preferred not to know the sex in advance. Only, while she savors her happiness, Nabilla is confronted with the leak of a photo taken in the birth room…

In the photo, revealed by the blogger Fake Influencers on Instagram and Snapchat, Thomas Vergara appears charlotte on the head and in hospital clothes. He leans tenderly towards his baby who has just peeked out. The surgeon who delivered the 30-year-old woman holds the hand of the tiny Leyann. If the blogger hides the face of the newborn with an emoji, his face was clearly visible on the original shot. “Nabilla and Thomas Vergara’s baby is too cute. It’s the spitting image of Thomas“, adds this specialist in reality TV.

But where does this photo obviously taken in secret, behind the backs of young parents? “Earlier today, a subscriber sent me this. She had received a picture of Thomas with her baby froma number completely unknown to the battalion who sent this to random numbers“, explains the blogger. This tender first moment between Leyann and her dad would therefore have been immortalized by a person present in the delivery room. On social networks, some assume that it is a nurse…

For the time being, neither Nabilla nor Thomas Vergara have spoken on the subject. It must be said that the couple lives a moment of intense happiness. They are now an adorable little family. Remember that they were already parents of a little boy named Milann and born in October 2019. He then became a big brother for the first time.

Congratulations to the happy parents on the arrival of their second boy!

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