Nabilla mom: she reveals an adorable snapshot of Leyann for her first month of life

Nabilla unveiled an adorable snapshot of Leyann, her second child, on the occasion of her first month of life. This was posted on his Instagram account on July 5.

Since June 5, 2022, Nabilla has been living a real fairy tale. The young woman gave birth to her second child, a little boy named Leyann. It was a surprise for her subscribers since she had not revealed any details concerning her pregnancy. “Our whole family, I’m so moved. I don’t have the words to describe this moment to you, I’m living a daydream, had written the young woman in the caption of a photo taken at the hospital and on which we could see her alongside her two sons and her husband, Thomas Vergara. Since then, she shares her daily life as a mom on social networks and, on July 5, she celebrated an important date. In fact, it was the first month of life of her second baby. For this special occasion, she unveiled an unpublished photo in which we can see her in the company of Leyann, near a window and both are wearing white clothes. “A month today. I love you more than anything Leyann”, she simply wrote in the caption of her publication. A snapshot that quickly moved Internet users.

Nabilla is a fulfilled woman. Mom of two little boys, she lives in absolute happiness, which she shares daily with her subscribers. If she wanted to take advantage of her newborn baby for her first month, she revealed this Monday, July 11, that she was going have to go back to work and thus, spend less time in his company. A situation that frustrates her a lot. While on her way to the set of a new professional project, it was on her Snapchat account that she explained: “My son, he looked at me earlier with his very small head and he said to me: ‘Mommy please, don’t go to work (Editor’s note: “please mom, don’t go to work “)”, she first explained. And there, I can tell you that I was on the verge of saying to him: ‘Ok’. It’s hard sometimes, to leave them, it’s very very hard. They are little babies, so it’s very hard, but that’s how it is, that’s the job”, she continued, aware that her job is also important. “I explain to him that one day he too will go to work and that it’s part of life and he understands that very well.”she concluded.

Nabilla: what complexes has she recently mentioned?

During her pregnancy, Nabilla gained weight that she has great difficulty losing. While she was by the pool a few days ago, the young woman wanted to put things into perspective. “I’m by the pool in a sports bra and Thomas’ boxer shorts. I really fell guys, I’m a real daronne”, she had fun in her Instagram story. “I actually feel comfortable in the boxer shorts because I can pull them up a bit. Bikinis ain’t the time, I ain’t ready for it“, she then clarified. Complexes that she has already mentioned, in complete transparency. Revealing that she had lost 10 pounds in two weeksshe then added:It can’t be seen but I feel it, after that it doesn’t bother me physically, I feel it just because i’m a little heavier, i have a little pain in the joints and above all i have swollen feet and legs“. Nabilla prefers to devote herself to her children and she will see later to regain her physique.

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