Nabilla separated from her son Milann: she discovers her too cute scheme to miss school

A few days ago, the children went back to school for a new year. For Milann, the son of Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara, it was his first comeback. And it seems that the 2.5-year-old little boy doesn’t like kindergarten very much.

Last week, Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara flew to London to enjoy a romantic getaway. A journey that they shared with their subscribers on their social networks. And currently, it is in Paris that the lovebirds stay. Their children Milann and Leyann (3 months) remained in Dubai with Marie-Luce, the mother of the beautiful 30-year-old brunette. And the latter sent funny videos of the eldest.

Milann doesn’t want to go to school act 2“, Internet users were first able to read. They were then able to discover a video of Milann, in a car, complaining about his stomach so as not to go to class. “I have a very bad stomach ache, I have to go home because I have a really bad stomach ache“, he said in English. And this is not the only time Leyann’s brother has (falsely) complained in order to convince his grandmother to make him stay at home. “Yesterday he had a new excuse not to go to school“, wrote the wife of Thomas Vergara before unveiling a new video of his son.My heart is in trouble ’cause I wanna go home and I don’t wanna go to school“, says Milann. Then, he made a little mischievous smile at the end. Images that probably made the Internet users laugh, but also Nabilla Benattia and her dear and tender.

It was on August 30 that Milann took his first steps at school. A special day immortalized by his mother. On Instagram, she wanted to reveal her little prince’s back-to-school look: a small denim ensemble signed by the French brand Sergent Major. His community was also able to see his bag with the image of the superhero Spiderman. “First day of school I’m so proud of you my son. Outfit by @sergent_major_officiel. Welcome back everyone“, could we read in legend.

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