Nabilla: Totally disproportionate party for the 3 years of Milann, images revealed

Happy birthday Milan. On October 11, 2022, the son of Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara celebrated his 3rd birthday. A birthday celebrated with great fanfare at home as Internet users were able to discover it on social networks.

There were people yesterday at Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara. Young and old were able to discover that it is the Avengers theme that the parents have chosen to make their eldest son have the best birthday. Guests were able to paint on a large canvas depicting Leyann’s brother or sip cocktails with the names of heroes in the spotlight such as Hulk, Spiderman or Captain America.

They then saw people disguised as these characters from the Marvel universe arrive and for his part, Milann put on the Spiderman outfit, while his brother wore Superman pajamas. Then came the time to dance and the king of the party did not hesitate to dance with one of his girlfriends. For the greediest, a candy floss and popcorn machine were installed. To be consumed in moderation if the child then wants to have fun in the beautiful inflatable structure placed in the garden. Then, a man made an animation with a helium balloon and smoke, disguised as a scientist. Something to impress the children who did not fail to applaud him.

The music was once again back with many (many) confetti thrown (good luck to the cleaning lady!) before the opening of the gifts and the huge cake, always on the theme of the Avengers. A piece so beautiful that Milann couldn’t resist his urge to bite into a piece before he blew out his candles, surrounded by his parents and all the guests. The cake was so high that Thomas Vergara had to carry it! Then he did it again in Spiderman’s arms. A dream birthday that he should remember for a long time. Until the next at least because we suspect that Nabilla Benattia and her husband will once again release the big game for his 4 years.

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