Nacon posts improved half-year results

Nacon’s games activity represents 47 million euros of this turnover (up 72%) thanks to the launches of titles such as Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, Steelrising and Session: Skate Sim which brought in 25.4 millions of euros. Sales of the back catalog (games released during previous years) are also up and amount to 21.6 million euros.

Accessory sales, Nacon’s other business, are not doing as well. The half-year turnover of this sector amounts to 28.5 million euros, a drop of 38% that Nacon attributes to “a very high base effect, particularly in the USA and a sharply declining global helmet market“, can we read.

Nacon has 50 games in development

Nacon’s second half will be driven in particular by WRC Generations, which we already know recorded a slight increase in sales over the first three weeks compared to its WRC10 predecessor. Remember that this is the last official game of the world rally championships to be released by Nacon, the WRC license moving to EA/Codemasters from next year.

Other titles like Blood Bowl 3 and Clash: Artifacts of Chaos are also dated for early 2023, as are Chef Life and Transport Fever 2 Console Edition in the mainstream simulation register. Despite the Lord of the Rings: Gollum package, which will finally be released somewhere between April and September 2023, Nacon expects 2022-23 revenue and operating profit to be up slightly compared to the previous financial year.

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