Nail designs: These unusual trends await us in 2024

The year 2024 has many innovations to offer, and not just in terms of fashion and make-up. Some trends can also be predicted when it comes to nail designs. Overall, they are quite versatile, so there should be something for all manicure lovers.

Two timeless colors

First, the simpler designs: We will see two colors more often in 2024. Both black nails à la Wednesday Addams and red nails are popular. The latter color is the evergreen par excellence. You can’t go wrong with a classic burgundy red, it goes with almost every outfit and always creates well-groomed and elegant-looking hands. If you like it brighter, you can always opt for a bright and warm red.

You should always use a high-quality top coat with an additional shine effect, which makes your nails shine really beautifully. Another tip: Do not apply the polish up to the edge of the nail, this makes painting easier and also makes the nail look narrower and longer.


In keeping with the Quiet Luxury fashion trend are nails with fine lines and small graphic elements. No great artistic skill is required here. The nails are simply painted with clear varnish or a light nude. Lines, dots, symbols or emojis can then be applied to it using a dark top color. Nail art pens or fine nail brushes are best suited for this.

Frosted nails in winter

The latter equipment can also be used for the frosted nails that are popular in winter. You also need white and glittering nail polish, such as gold or silver. Now you can either brush white snowflakes or small dots that look like snow onto the nail. Then apply a light coat of glitter polish. Or you can start with the glittering layer and add small highlights with a few white dots.

Metallic finish

Chrome nails will also be in vogue again in 2024. No wonder, because their metallic finish makes them really impressive. In spring the colors are more pastel, in summer we use neon tones and in the cool season dark colors with an iridescent effect are used.


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