Nail polish: It’s that easy to give your nails a trend update in autumn

Nail polish trends 2021
We wear these colors in autumn

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In autumn 2021, nail polish colors are not just about classics. The color palette is wide. We have put together the most beautiful colors.

In autumn we adjust our wardrobe for the cold season – trendy spring colors then not only largely disappear from the wardrobe, but also from our nails. Which colors are the nail polish trends in autumn 2021? We’ll tell you!

Nail polish trends 2021: We will wear these colors in autumn 2021

The nice thing about the nail polish trends is the range of colors. Because in autumn 2021 there is really the right shade for every taste, every favorite style and every occasion. There must be not just classics be or always dark tones, which are often preferred in autumn. Gaudy tones can also be found in the nail polish trends of the year. Which will be your favorite paint?

Berry tones

Berry tones are long-running, when it comes to trend colors in autumn. Usually dominate strong, dark nail polish colors; Overly pastel tones, which are more reminiscent of candy and ice cream, should be left in the cosmetic cupboard in autumn 2021. Blackberry, raspberry and dark cherry – once again we can’t get enough of berry red tones this year.

If you need more inspiration for beautiful berry tones, we have it here a great selection of nail polishes put together.


If you want to make your nails an absolute eye-catcher, you should risk a look in the direction of metallic tones. Especially when it comes to tone-on-tone outfits in dark colors, you go with shiny ones Gold, copper or silver one of THE nail polish trends in autumn 2021 perfectly in scene. Would you like to dare a little more color and still not forego the metallic look? Then go for a berry shade or a dark green with a metallic shimmer.

You can find more metallic nail polish trends here in a large overview.

Shades of brown

Almost every year in autumn a similar spectacle overtakes us: As surely as the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, we also use dark brown tones when choosing our outfits and nail polish colors. Good this way! Because as much as the colorful nail polish trends in spring and summer get us in the mood for the bright and bright season of the year, so much muted colors like cocoa or mocha put us in a cozy autumn mood. In autumn it is time again to unite with the natural tones. The brown tone of our nails can have a certain red tint. A nail polish trend that doesn’t just fit into autumn 2021.

You can find more beautiful brown tones here.

Bright orange

In autumn 2021 your nails will shine in a bright orange with the brightly colored leaves of the trees. While the splendor of nature gradually fades, it remains on your nails. Because which color symbolizes autumn better than a strong shade of orange ?! The trend is clearly going in the bright direction in 2021 – if that’s too conspicuous for you, you can also go for a more subtle orange-brown shade. But the gaudy version in particular ensures a good mood and an exciting highlight in your autumn outfit.

here you will find a large selection of bright, beautiful orange tones.


Black stays beautiful. Black nails are also an absolute trend in fall 2021. Because Hardly any other color of nail polish is as versatilelike a classic black. From rock-cool to classy-elegant, this nail polish trend can go with every style.

You can find numerous beautiful nail polishes in black here in an overview.

Trend tip: Go for matt tones

If you want to give your nails an additional trend boost, go for one in autumn 2021 matte nail polish. Matt colors look particularly good with dark tones such as brown and black. So that you always have the choice between a glossy or matte finish, you can – instead of buying a matte nail polish – simply click on one Top coat set that fixes and makes the color look nice and matt. Simply integrate the top coat into your manicure as the last step and let it dry well.

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