Nancy: a drug trafficking network dismantled after a fatal error by the mastermind of the affair: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

As reported The Parisian Thursday September 21, 2023, nine people appear under the Specialized interregional jurisdiction (Jirs) at the Nancy court for drug trafficking. At first glance, nothing extraordinary. Except that the affair stems from a gross error committed by the person who was identified as the principal of this network. The latter had lost his phone in the middle of the street. Still nothing extraordinary. Only, said phone was not locked. A passerby reported it to the police station in the Haut-Rhin region on August 8, 2023. Investigators were thus able to search the device without incident. They then came across a multitude of unmistakable photos and videos. Wads of banknotes, resin and cannabis herb… These photos made drug trafficking status. An investigation was therefore opened by the Mulhouse public prosecutor’s office to find the owner of the laptop. Quickly identified, this one seemed to be “at the head of a real importing and resale of narcotics“.

The trafficker worked “with a restricted circle of relatives”

As the newspaper always points out, the man “worked with a restricted circle of relatives, who helped him make monthly orders and deliveries of several hundred kilos of narcotics, coming from Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg”. Nine people have been charged and are currently on trial in the trial which will take place until September 27, 2023. Risking sentences of one to two years in prison, three of them had already been the subject of a appearance procedure upon prior admission of guilt. According to the website of Public servicethis procedure, also called to plead guilty, is an alternative to prosecution. It allows the perpetrator of the offense to be judged quickly, provided that he admits the facts with which he is accused. It remains to be seen whether the owner of the cell phone will consider deleting its history next time. For now, the defendants remain presumed innocent of the charges.

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