“Nano-influencers” or how brands rely on influencers with less than 10,000 subscribers

You don’t need 10,000 subscribers to get into the influence game. A few hundred friends on TikTok or Instagram can be enough when you register on platforms like Yoô, Hivency, or Influence4you, which are responsible for connecting brands with those who will promote their products: these accept very small influencers, or “nano-influencers”, unlike equivalent but more selective services such as TikTok Creator Marketplace or Instagram Creator Marketplace.

Among this galaxy of intermediaries, some do not impose any popularity threshold: anyone can then praise the brands’ products on their social networks and then receive a commission on the sales generated. The world was able to register for Influence4You, for example, without entering any social account, then access an Interflora campaign offering 6 euros per bouquet sold. On the same platform, the other brands were less generous, for example Fnac offering barely more than a penny per sale made on its site.

But the vast majority of brands restrict their selection criteria: they can define a target profile for any small influencer by choosing their favorite social network, the field in which the influencer specializes, as well as a threshold of subscribers. Only those who meet this profile can then apply, most often being offered a product in return – cosmetics, soaps, paramedical capsules, beers, an invitation to an event, a prize to be won by their followers, even a small salary.

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Instructions to follow

If the application is accepted, the Internet user receives a list of instructions to follow in order to carry out the campaign. They can be permissive, or directive, as “talk about the brand in a positive way (…) from the first thirty seconds Or “do not talk about the competitor”explains Infuence4you in a video tutorial.

With his Instagram account with 250 followersCéline has collaborated with some twenty brands, because she “love discovering new beauty products”. On Lynda’s Instagram account, with 2,000 subscribers, we find hundreds of product tests offered : “The majority of my posts are collaborations”, confirms Lynda, who explains never receive compensation”. And say appreciate “simply the pleasure of receiving free things [qu’elle] won’t have[t] maybe not bought, because too expensive ».

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