Nantes: an unidentified woman dies after being rescued in the Erdre

View of the Erdre, from the Saint-Mihiel bridge, with the Saint-Félix tunnel at the end. LT/Le Figaro

Monday morning, the police had not identified this thirty-something found adrift. An autopsy is due to take place this week.

Le Figaro Nantes

Monday morning, no relatives of this woman in her thirties, rescued by firefighters two days ago, had yet to come forward. Saturday, around 1:30 p.m., the firefighters and their VPL crew (vehicle divers) tried to save “a person adrift at the Saint-Félix canal”, indicates the Loire-Atlantique departmental fire and rescue service. They were mobilized quai Ceineray, on the banks of the Erdre, in Nantes.

In cardiorespiratory arrest, the victim was transported in serious condition to the city’s university hospital before dying 30 minutes later. Witnesses would have seen her swimming on her back and then on her stomach before the intervention of the emergency services. Not carrying identity papers on her, the latter is still being identified. “An autopsy will take place this week”says a police source.

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