Nantes: incidents on the sidelines of an “antifa” demonstration, two people arrested

An “antifa” demonstration gathered Friday evening more than 600 people in the city center of Nantes

Two people were arrested, one of whom was taken into police custody, following incidents that occurred on the sidelines of an “antifa” demonstration which brought together more than 600 people on Friday evening in Nantes city center.

A torchlight procession began around 7:00 p.m., bringing together around 600 people “against fascism, capitalism, authoritarianism”, with smoke bombs and fireworks. “Down with the state, the cops and the fachos,” chanted the demonstrators, according to videos posted on Twitter.

The window of a Zara store was smashed and the front of a Monoprix degraded, according to a police source. Projectiles were fired at the security forces who responded with tear gas canisters. The demonstration then went to a “bar known to welcome far-right activists”, according to the “Autonomous and committed media” Nantes Révoltée. A waiter and a customer at the bar were injured in an altercation with antifa activists.

The demonstrator placed in police custody will be tried in “immediate appearance Monday, of the head of willful violence on persons holding public authority”, said the Nantes prosecutor’s office on Saturday.

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