Naon Zero-One: this premium electric scooter has an atypical but successful design

Imagined by the German start-up Naon, the Zero-One is a new electric scooter still at the prototype stage, but which aims to tackle the 50 and 125 cc segment in the near future. All with a unique design.


Source: Naon

The electric scooter sector is booming and welcoming new players every month. This time it’s the turn of the young German shooter Naon to find itself under the media spotlight thanks to its Zero-One model. What is special about it? A design that catches the eye and stands out from the rest.

This two-wheeler indeed offers long running boards, a very exposed rear swingarm but also and above all a relatively low center of gravity. This particularity is explained in particular by the presence of a battery directly placed under the floor, and not under the saddle as is regularly the case.

Transparent windscreen

Inevitably, this configuration offers a nice storage space under the driver’s seat, which can store a helmet there if we are to believe the information on the official site. On the aluminum frame, a transparent windscreen is fixed which brings an always welcome touch of modernity. There is also talk of disc brakes with ABS.

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The firm from across the Rhine wants to occupy as much space as possible on the market, and has therefore declined its model in 50 and 125 cc equivalent. The first (category L1e) claims a range of 70 kilometers thanks to its 2.4 kWh battery (1000 euros to purchase, 25 euros per month to rent).

For more active users, be aware that it will be possible to add a second battery to increase the autonomy to 140 kilometers (1000 euros to purchase, 25 euros per month to rent).

A high price

Category L1e requires, its top speed will not exceed 45 km / h as required by law. Regarding the price, Naon is positioned as a premium manufacturer and aims for a relatively high range: 4920 euros. For a 50 cc electric scooter, the note is salty. Other more affordable models exist on the market.


Source: Naon

The 125 cc version (category L3e) necessarily takes the lead, since its maximum speed is close to 100 km / h. The manufacturer’s site, however, indicates the same autonomy as its little brother, with the same battery configuration. But with higher speeds, there are doubts about their similar range on paper.

This Zero-One will be available at a price of 6420 euros. But in any case, we will have to wait to see the color, since these two-wheelers are still prototypes – but at an advanced stage – according to

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