NASA development now available: METL bicycle tire will never break again


Never have a flat tire again! The “Metl Tire”, developed in collaboration with NASA, looks unusual and offers many advantages. You can buy it now.

The Metl tire is available in different colors. It should never break and should last the life of the bike. In return, he puts a big hole in your account. (Source: Kickstarter)

  • The US company Smart Tire Company has developed an unusual tire in collaboration with NASA.
  • The “Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology” (SMART) prevents you from getting a flat tire.
  • The Mars Rover runs on very similar tires.

The manufacturer describes this tire as the ultimate bicycle tire. After more than two years of development, you can now buy. The hollow tires trap air, which, unlike the bicycle or e-bike tires you have previously used, is not under pressure. So you never have to inflate this tire because the air is not responsible for the shape of the contact patch.

Instead, the company relies on a springy metal wire winding inside the tire. This consists of a nickel-titanium alloy, also known as NiTinol, a so-called shape memory alloy that always returns to its original shape after deformation.

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E-bike innovations of the year

E-bike innovations of the year

If you drive over a curb with this tire, for example, you can expect the same suspension comfort as with your current tire model. The actual tread is made of rubber, like normal tires. It wears out over time, but can be replaced with a new one after an estimated 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers.

The rest of the tire should last as long as your bike is in use, for the life of the bike. At market launch, the tire will be available in different sizes and with different profiles (road/gravel). Further models are also planned in which you can subsequently change the degree of suspension using an air pump.

METL tire weight and possible alternatives

The manufacturer states the weight of the METL tire as 450 grams. Compared to conventional bicycle tires, NASA’s invention is no heavier. If you don’t want to spend so much money on your bicycle tire, you can find alternatives in solid rubber tires or so-called tubeless tires. Both do not have a retracted hose. With tubeless tires, a liquid prevents air from escaping if the tread is damaged. However, this fluid must be renewed or replaced from time to time.

Price and availability

The new “NASA” tire is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A set consisting of two bicycle tires costs 466 euros. The tires are anything but cheap. But remember that they are meant to last a lifetime. Fitting a new rubber tread should cost the equivalent of 9.30 euros.

The tire tread can be replaced.  A change costs around 10 euros.

The tire tread can be replaced. A change costs around 10 euros. (Source: manufacturer)

Metl tires for e-scooters are also offered on the Kickstarter page. Remember that crowdfunding is generally not without risk for you. If you are unsure, wait until the Metl tire comes into regular stores. This is expected to happen in summer 2024. We will introduce you to further innovations from the e-bike and bicycle sector here.

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