Natacha Calestrémé (It starts today): “People needed an ally to get their heads above water”

The author of the bestsellers The Key to your energy * and Find my place * is back in It starts today, Wednesday May 4 at 1:55 p.m. on France 2, to address the theme of transgenerational injuries.

Can you talk about the unique relationship you have with It starts today?

Natacha Calestreme: What happened is pretty crazy. Last year, on a show dedicated to intuition and synchronicities, I talked about this “something” that goes beyond our ego – we can call it the universe or God – and which can bring us help. I then proposed a ritual to find the name of this guide. I have received hundreds of thousands of testimonials about this. I think people needed to have an ally to get their heads above water. I am precisely proposing a door to this autonomy.

How do you explain that this personal path of alignment, detailed in your books, found such an echo among the French?

They had the presence of mind not to wait until the end of the day to react. Me, it took that I no longer have a job, that I lost my little sister, my best friend and suffered from a double herniated disc to understand it. For them, it was confinement that was the opportunity to realize what was wrong with their work, their couple or with their children. I also benefited from an incredible word of mouth. Readers have told me that they have offered my book fifteen times!

Is the success you know entirely based on this inner process?

Yes, 1000%! I have been a journalist for twenty-five years and an author for twenty-five years. Before, my novels didn’t work. But since I relieved myself of the emotional burdens of my parents who hindered me and prevented me from being recognized, everything has changed. They came out in Paperback at the end of March and have already had a reprint. It’s not my books that have evolved, but my exposure to the world.

Does the popularity of your books earn you criticism?

It is possible that I exasperate some of them or make them jealous, but nothing came back to my ears. What you can’t take away from me, anyway, is my willingness to share. For twenty euros, you have ten years of my life. I give everything there, including the protocol for removing burns that my healer grandfather passed on to me.

*Albin Michel editions


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