Natascha Kampusch: Lead a “normal life”.

Natascha Kampusch
Live a normal life

Natascha Kampusch in 2016 in Berlin.

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Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped in 1998 and was able to escape in 2006 after more than eight years. She tells how she is today.

The fate of Natascha Kampusch (34) made headlines worldwide. The 34-year-old Austrian was kidnapped in 1998 at the age of ten. After more than eight years, she was able to escape in the summer of 2006. Since then, Kampusch has been trying to lead “a normal life”, as she tells the “Bild am Sonntag”..

“Of course, what I experienced often comes up in my head. […] I’m still in therapy, that’s part of my life,” explains Kampusch. Despite what she’s experienced, she’s “an optimistic, positive person. I start every day with a smile.”

“Freedom begins in the soul”

In recent years, Kampusch has written several books, among other things. In “10 Years of Freedom”, which was published in 2016, she reports on her life after her successful escape. Instead of experiencing a whole new life full of energy and opportunity, she was repeatedly forced to delve into her dark past, it says. Kampusch describes how difficult it was for her to find her role – and why, despite everything, she has not lost her belief in the good in people. “Now the phase is just beginning where I really try to take my life into my own hands and develop myself,” Kampusch said in an interview with ORF in 2016.

Kampusch’s new book “Show strength: coping strategies for a powerful life” will be published by Dachbuch Verlag tomorrow, November 28th. According to the publisher, she goes into it, among other things, where she gets the strength “to cope with what she has experienced” and how she manages “to be happy despite the past”.


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