Natascha Ochsenknecht: Open interview about pregnancy and sex

Natascha Ochsenknecht knows no taboos – at least in her new project “SEX / LIFE TALK”. In the YouTube show, the entertainer not only talks about motherhood, but above all about spicy topics such as the perineal tear during childbirth and the subsequent problems with sex.

sex sells – apparently also thought Natascha Ochsenknecht. From July 2nd, 2021 she will moderate the “SEX / LIFE TALK”. A kind of talk show with celebrity guests, accompanying the Netflix series “Sex / Life”, which is causing a sensation in the USA, but also in Germany. It is about the mother of two Billie, who despite her husband develops fantasies about her hot ex and longs for her old life in the big city. Has Natascha Ochsenknecht felt that way before? She told GALA.

Natascha Ochsenknecht faces the taboos

GALA: Natascha, what exactly can we do with the Expect SEX / LIFE TALK?
Natascha Ochsenknecht: We talk about questions like: Is life as a mother enough for you or do you also question it from time to time? If you are a mother, can you go to party on the weekend without a guilty conscience? But also about possible problems during childbirth – about torn perineum, torn vagina and about how a woman feels after such an experience. Whether she still feels sexy about herself and about the first sex after giving birth.

Why do you find it important to address such issues openly?
Outwardly, only the positive aspects of pregnancy are spoken of. Many women fool about it because they are ashamed. But it’s important to say that pregnancy isn’t always great. Pregnancy is also a burden, it can even cause depression. You suffer and you don’t feel good. You gain weight, maybe you have the feeling that the man is no longer looking at you. How do you best deal with it? And is that normal? Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. If you are not feeling well, you have to talk about it, either with your friends or maybe with a professional.

Women usually always want to be perfect, especially when they are mothers. They are expected to cook well, keep everything clean, keep the business going, and then look great and be sexually available to their husband. There are still a lot of men you have to argue with about the fact that as a mother you are also working to full capacity. This thinking has to change.

“You have to be honest with your partner”

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How was it with you and your pregnancies back then?
Everything went really quickly when I was born for the first time. It is well known that Wilson Gonzalez got his name from the fact that his head was out during the first squeeze. The disadvantage of that was: Everything was torn for me, from here to Poland. I had to be sewn up to the buttock. Of course that wasn’t so fun. I was in extreme pain for a long time and could not sit. When Jimi was born, it was completely cut open again and then sewn correctly.

Having sex again afterwards was no fun. Of course it hurts. You should prepare for it and not stress yourself if things don’t go so smoothly the first time or if you even have to stop because the pain is too great. You just have to be honest with your partner.

Have you also had problems feeling sexy after the pregnancies yourself?

Natascha Ochsenknecht: She has never spoken so openly about her sex life: Uwe and Natascha Ochsenknecht

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No, not really. But I don’t really care what others think of me. Well, it’s easy for me to talk. I only gained nine pounds with Wilson, 13 pounds with Jimi and around 12 pounds with Cheyenne. I breastfed for a long time and as a result I always got my original weight back quite quickly.

But I also felt sexy when there was more to me. It was great to have plump breasts. When I was pregnant last time, my bottom widened. Many men thought it was great that I suddenly had such a large box. (laughs) Most women always think you have to be very delicate and slim, but that’s not the case. There are more men who like curves than you think.

“I never had the feeling that I was missing anything”

As much as you love to be a mother, have you ever longed for your past life without responsibility?
For me it is like this: if I get involved in something, I fully support it. That means, I had children and was just 100 percent a mother without giving me much thought. I never had the feeling that I was missing anything, not even from a sexual point of view.

What role does sexuality currently play in your life?
At the moment, sexuality doesn’t play a role in my life at all because I’m single and put on hold, so to speak. (laughs) No guy is coming into my booth right now. I am happy the way it is. I can hide the subject in the time I’m happy without a husband. There is no fire in the hut … At the moment it can stay that way. But if the right one comes, he can rekindle the fire in me. (laughs)

The first two episodes of SEX / LIFE TALK will be published on the German YouTube channel of Netflix on July 2nd, two more episodes on July 9th.

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