Nathalie Arthaud (0.6%) dismisses Macron and Le Pen back to back, and will vote blank

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Nathalie Arthaud, Lutte Ouvrière candidate, won 0.6% of the vote in the first round of the 2022 presidential election.

The candidate of Lutte Ouvrière Nathalie Arthaud castigated Sunday evening the accession of Macron and Le Pen, “two mortal enemies for the workers”, in the second round of the presidential election where she will vote blank. “Both (candidates) are enemies of the working class”, first denounced the Trotskyist candidate in a speech at her electoral headquarters, believing that whatever happens, “Macron will do Le Pen and Le Pen will do Macron”, and calling on his voters not to demobilize in view of the legislative elections. “Workers do not have to endorse their future oppressor with their vote.”

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“We have the choice between 2 enemies. On April 24, I will vote white”, she then wrote on her Twitter account. “The fight continues in businesses and working-class neighborhoods.” The candidate came in last place in the first round, with around 0.6% of the vote, close to her score in 2017. “The communist and revolutionary current is still there”, she assured during her brief speech. .

What’s next after this ad

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