Nathalie Baye exhausted, supported by Dominique Besnehard

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Nathalie Baye went to the funeral of Marion Game this Friday, March 31 in Paris. The actress was supported by her former agent and friend, Dominique Besnehard.

It is a visibly tired Nathalie Baye who appeared this Friday, March 31 at the funeral of Marion Game. The stars were numerous to have made the trip, as were the relatives and the family of the actress. Gérard Hernandez, his sidekick in Scenes of households, paid tribute to him in a heartbreaking gesture. Nathalie Baye went to the funeral of Marion Game, accompanied by Dominique Besnehard, her former agent and great friend. The 74-year-old actress arrived at the Saint Roch church in Paris, Dominique Besnehard holding her arm. The famous agent of stars, appears, him, emaciated. Remember that he suffered a heart attack a few hours after the election of Miss France 2023 on December 17.

Nathalie Baye was hospitalized in emergency on February 1, 2023 for a secondary bronchopulmonary infection. His agent, Elisabeth Tanner, explained at the time: Nathalie Baye did not have a heart attack. It’s just a complication during an influenza episode. She is fine and will return home in the next few days..” More recently, by evoking the course of her mother, Nathalie Baye carried a manifesto to change the law on the end of life. In The Obsshe evoked the agony of her mother and clearly took sides: “I don’t see the point of prolonging the suffering: the physical suffering (perhaps contained by medication), but above all the psychological suffering. Life belongs to us. Death too. And if one day, I am myself in this state, I would like, in the same way, that we stop the comedy of life. Finished, what.

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Nathalie Baye: this disease that impacts her on a daily basis

In 2022, Nathalie Baye confided in an illness that disrupts her daily life. In The Sunday newspaperthe actress ofStop me if you can evoked the claustrophobia inherited from his father. “She knows an irrational fear at the idea of ​​finding herself in an enclosed space. Fully enclosed elevators, cars with no back doors, MRIs in hospitals, rooms with no windows are impossible for her.” reported the weekly. The actress explained for her part: “I can’t fight it. It’s irrational.

Nathalie Baye also suffers from dyslexia and dyscalculia, disabling everyday disorders that she had mentioned to Marie Claire. Without taboo, she confided: “Dyscalculia is more annoying”. This disorder prevents him from understanding and using numbers with ease. Nathalie Baye brought back a more than telling memory: “I had my credit card swallowed recently, because I confused my bank code with that of my building. Apart from my daughter’s, I don’t remember any birthdays, not even mine. I was wished one day by SMS and I did not know what I was talking about.

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