Nathalie Baye gives news of her daughter Laura Smet “happy and structured”

At 74, Nathalie Baye has forgotten nothing of his magical moments with Johnny Hallyday in the early 1980s. Despite his brief relationship with the actress and the fact that he did not marry her, the rocker gave her the most beautiful gift: his daughter Laura Smet, now 38 years old. A precious gift because it is the only child of Nathalie Baye.

But like many children, Laura Smet, now the mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old boy named Léo, whom she had with her husband Raphaël Lancrey-Javal, also experienced her little dark period. This Sunday, July 31, Nathalie Baye gave an interview to the Sunday newspaper (JDD) in which she returned to the depression experienced by her daughter Laura at the age of 24. At the time, the young woman was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. “There were hardships but Laura overcame them. Leaving adolescence was difficult”, testified the 74-year-old actress. In 2019, Nathalie Baye, who had signed the preface to the book lights in the sky by Bénédicte Chenu, spoke on the subject of schizophrenia at the Parisian . She alluded to the depression experienced by her daughter Laura ten years earlier: When we have gone through such difficult ordeals, we are all the more affected by the struggle of other parents. People don’t realize how exhausting it can be.”she had said.

“I never doubted her”

Today and feeling better about herself, Laura Smet – who was caught up in the media whirlwind linked to the legacy of Johnny Hallyday – is a young woman “happy and structured”according to the words of his mother Nathalie Baye in the JDD. This one seems to have a clean slate of the past as she said in this interview: “SIf you don’t want those times, then you shouldn’t have children. The bad memories of leaving adolescence are forgotten. Lhe greatest gift you can give to a child is trust: I have never doubted her”she concluded.

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