Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto: Their wedding was so beautiful


Nathalie Volk (23) and Frank Otto (62) apparently did it: If you believe the latest pictures on the Instagram account of the ex-GNTM candidate, they and the media entrepreneur have given the yes word. An official confirmation is still pending, but with these pictures there are no more questions.

On "February 2, 2020" in Nashville, Tennessee

In the photos taken according to the location marker in Nashville, Tennessee, the couple is shining brightly through a rain of rose petals, hugging in front of a magnificent villa and kissing lovingly against a wall full of roses. Volk does not lose many words in the process: all she has to do for a photo is the iconic date "02.02.2020" – obviously her wedding date.


Shortly before, she had also posted a picture of her make-up, with the unmistakable caption "Wedding Makeup". The Volk outfit is also worth mentioning: she decided against the classic wedding dress and for a tailored white suit with wide trousers.

A couple since 2015

Otto and Volk have been a couple since 2015. At that time, only a few believed in the relationship of the TV star with the much older entrepreneur. That should look different now – especially after this big step together. The two got engaged in March 2018. In the same year, Volk moved to the United States to study there. Otto is said to have stayed in Germany. Will the two settle on a continent as a married couple?