National Assembly: Elisabeth Borne receives the majority leaders at Matignon

Jacques Serais, edited by Gauthier Delomez
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8:52 p.m., June 27, 2022

This Monday, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne received the leaders of the presidential majority parties (Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons) at Matignon. She is charged this week by Emmanuel Macron to receive all the leaders of parliamentary groups in the National Assembly in order to find an enlarged majority.

Elisabeth Borne in search of an enlarged majority. The Prime Minister, “confirmed” by Emmanuel Macron this weekend, receives the leaders of the parliamentary groups at the National Assembly all this week. This Monday, the former Minister of Transport in particular spoke with personalities from her political side, that of the presidential majority made up of Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons. These three groups form a relative majority for Emmanuel Macron.

The president now says he is ready to make certain concessions or compromises with the opposition groups, as justified by Aurore Bergé, who succeeded Christophe Castaner as president of the Renaissance group, ex-LREM in the Assembly. “I believe that there is a moment of truth currently which is valid for the majority and for the oppositions”, she first advances at the microphone of Europe 1.

“If we don’t succeed, we will all be losers and the French first”

“If we give the feeling that in a few weeks, we are not succeeding, then we will all be sent back to our responsibilities. We will all be losers and the French first,” said Aurore Bergé. Who continues: “Our challenge is really that things end quickly. Hence, once again, this outstretched hand and this consultation engaged with all the parliamentary groups and not only the majority.”

The presidents of the opposition groups will be received on Tuesday and Wednesday by Élisabeth Borne. It is a question of seeing “how far they are ready to go”, slips an adviser to Europe 1, and to collect their position to know if there are points of convergence, without too many illusions all the same. The exercise has at least the advantage for the Prime Minister of showing a certain voluntarism to return the ball to these same oppositions in the event of failure.

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