Nationwide peace demonstrations: tens of thousands protest against the Ukraine war

Nationwide peace demos
Tens of thousands protest against Ukraine war

“Solidarity is the order of the day,” announced Verdi chairman Werneke. With this in mind, tens of thousands of people are again protesting in several German cities against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The demonstrators stand up for a Europe of disarmament and understanding.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in several German cities at noon to demonstrate for peace in Ukraine. The “Stop the War” alliance had called for large demos in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Hamburg.

“Many more people came than expected,” said a spokeswoman for the BUND Baden-Württemberg nature conservation association, which is one of the co-organizers of the demonstration in Stuttgart. Around 35,000 people are said to have gathered there, including many families. The rally in downtown Stuttgart was the largest of its kind in Baden-Württemberg against Russia’s war.

The 42 organizations behind “Stopt den Krieg” such as the DGB, Greenpeace, Diakonie and Brot für die Welt called on Russian President Vladimir Putin in a previously published appeal to immediately end his war of aggression in Ukraine and to withdraw from the country. The demonstrators also expressed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine and showed support for those who “raise their voices against the war” in Russia.

“Solidarity is the order of the day, that’s what we as unions stand for,” said Verdi chairman Frank Werneke. The service union supports the “Stop the War” alliance. “The Putin regime is responsible for the war, the violence and the immeasurable human suffering. Nothing can justify that,” warned Werneke.

In its appeal, the peace alliance spoke out in favor of a Europe of disarmament and understanding. The environmental protection, peace and humanitarian organizations reject the increase in arms expenditure to two percent of the gross domestic product in Germany and instead call for rapid investments in renewable energies and a turnaround in transport.

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