Natural beauty: I somehow feel better with make-up!

Natural beauty?
Somehow I feel better with my make-up!

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There are actually women who look just beautiful after three hours of sleep at 6 a.m. Our author is still very attached to her mascara.

by Theresa König

I am really very natural. If you disregard my mascara, the concealer, the colored hair and the blush, which I am too. Every time I see an unvarnished woman who looks beautiful without any aids, I am stunned. I am really happy when someone just looks really pretty and fresh, an absolutely natural beauty. Personally, I think I’m 100 percent okay, of course, but somehow better with make-up. Isn’t that what almost all women do? And the no-make-up trend is all well and good, but I’m not Heidi Klum.

Selfie without makeup in bed in the morning? Under no circumstance

That is why there are not so many photos of me without make-up from the bed. Not only because I’m not the selfie type, but also because I can think of situations in which I find myself more attractive. Not because I think I’m terribly ugly, but because I find myself more attractive with a little mascara, a touch of blush, and a fingertip of concealer. It would be unnatural for me if I had gel nails, platinum blonde extensions or regular turquoise eyeshadow up to under the eyebrows. I don’t have it. Incidentally, the very pretty, natural-looking woman in the photo for this article is also made up. Otherwise, there are mainly studies on the topic that say that men love naturalness in women. But by that they definitely don’t mean naturally pale skin or naturally short eyelashes, I’m very sure of that. It is also important how I find myself – and not just any type.

Natural beauty? A couple of aids won’t do any harm

Incidentally, men, who often have no idea about make-up, sometimes also think that I have no make-up when I wear half a kilo of mascara and concealer on my face. Because they don’t look very closely. I, on the other hand, know that with make-up I don’t want to look like Katie Price, I just want to look like I imagine a natural beauty. Let’s put it this way: natural, beautiful, completely unadulterated beauty is wonderful for everyone who has it! But a slightly unnatural beauty that was created with the help of a few aids does not necessarily do any harm. At least not to me. The most important thing is that you feel pretty, whether with mascara or without.


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