Natural yoghurt: healthy food?


Natural yoghurt is considered healthy and delicious in combination with other foods. Everything about this dairy product you will find here.

Natural yoghurt: What is behind it?

  • Dairy products such as skimmed quark or natural yoghurt are part of a balanced diet for many of us . But how exactly is natural yogurt actually made?
  • Here, the so-called lactic acid bacteria are of particular importance. They are added to the milk and transform the lactose (milk sugar) into lactate (lactic acid) .
  • The protein is removed by this procedure and the yogurt we know so well is created. Natural yoghurt is different from regular yoghurt in that it omits sugars and flavors . Like all dairy products, however, it is heavily processed.

Natural yoghurt: designations and variants

  • The consistency and thus the taste of yoghurt depends on the added bacteria and the maturation of the products. If the natural yoghurt is stirred for many hours in large containers, the preferred taste is many – creamy yummy!
  • To improve taste and texture, lean-milk powder is often used and water is removed. Whether it is organic natural yoghurt is hardly identifiable due to the packaging. Natural yoghurt, however, contains slightly more omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid than conventional milk. Due to the fact that organic natural yoghurt is obtained from cows with a very natural diet, it also contains a little less iodine.

Natural yoghurt: healthy or not?

  • First, let’s talk about natural yoghurt here. With sugar, flavors and fruits decomposed yogurt is obviously not part of a healthy diet.
  • The sweetener sucralose destroys the probiotics and thus deprives them of the positive effect on digestion in the intestine. Give up on artificial sugar in yogurt, if it is to be really healthy.
  • Even without sweetener, the probiotics often praised by manufacturers must first find their way to the intestine. Since only certain breeds of lactic acid bacteria are suitable and you can not tell from the packaging, which are, you have little influence on it.
  • When it comes to losing weight , it’s best to combine yogurt with lean quark or put it all on the quark. Because it kindles a very satisfying effect on the extra protein.

Natural yoghurt: Do it yourself

You can easily make yogurt yourself. We’ll show you how to do it in just a few steps. If you like it creamy , use a milk with a higher fat content.

  1. Take a liter of milk, heat and then keep it at 90 degrees for 5 minutes.
  2. Now you can cool the milk at about 45 degrees .
  3. Now grab your favorite yogurt and add a spoon to the milk.
  4. Keep this mixture warm for about 5 hours , for example on a heater or in the oven.

You prefer it sweet and do not want to pay attention to the calories? There are other great recipes with yoghurt with us – for example, mango yogurt or Greek yogurt with brown sugar . Explained step by step.