Naughty Dog will stop revealing its games too early

Officially unveiling a new video game is always a complicated affair, you have to find the right time. The right time of year, first, although studios usually opt for big conferences like theE3 to present their AAAbut also take development into account, so as not to make players wait too long.

And that, Naughty Dog understood it well, at his expense. Unveiled during the PlayStation Experience from December 2016, The Last of Us Part II was only released in June 2020, after several delays of a few months. At that time, the developers worked night and day on the game, Naughty Dog had moreover been the subject of an investigation pointing the finger the crunch omnipresent in the studio. Admittedly, the result is excellent, but the teams are exhausted, some leave the studio and the image is tarnished.

Since, Naughty Dog has changed its tune a bit, already with The Last of Us Part I. The PS5 remake of the first installment was unveiled during the Summer Game Fest in June 2022 before being released in September on the console of sony. A PC port is also expected next March, you can pre-order it against €53.99 on Gamesplanet. The studio preferred to remain silent on this project, despite the rumors, and this is what it will continue to do for its next Neil Druckmann said at comic book. The games director and co-president of the studio explains:

You’re right, we announced Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Part II well in advance, but it actually caused a bit of work-life balance issues, which we sometimes had at the studio. By delaying this announcement a bit, we could play with the schedule more and we are now more aware of how we approach production. So there’s our The Last of Us multiplayer project and there’s another project that I won’t say more about, except that we’re also very excited.

It is not a surprise, Naughty Dog has “several interesting things” in development for a few months, including the famous game stand-alone multiplayer The Last of Uswho offered himself a new artwork recently. A multiplayer project that should be released in 2023 and which will therefore be presented in detail in the coming months, but for the other title mentioned by Neil Druckmann, we will have to wait a while before discovering it.

Re The Last of Us, the big news of the moment concerns the series live action of HBOwhich will be broadcast from January 15 on HBO Max. Except with us, the platform of SVoD is not yet available in France and no broadcaster has announced a date in France. The partnership between HBO and SCO has been completed since the beginning of the year, but Amazon Prime Video already broadcasts a few other series of Warner Peacemaker.

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