Nausea pregnant: how to fix it?

Pregnancy is a happy time, but sometimes it's marred by little worries, like first trimester nausea. How to relieve them, to avoid nausea during pregnancy? Is there a miracle cure? What are they due to? Let’s go around the question.

A pregnancy is a real upheaval for your body, a series of modifications, which, very often, is noticeable by a multitude of small symptoms: pain in the breasts, more developed sense of smell, disgust for a perfume, sudden cravings, or nausea. The latter, without being an inevitable symptom of pregnancy, are experienced by more than half of pregnant women, especially in early pregnancy, until the 3rd month of pregnancy. These uncomfortable symptoms are often badly experienced by expectant mothers. Rest assured, there are some remedies that can help you alleviate this nausea and quietly prepare yourself for becoming a mom.

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Causes of nausea

We can have nausea for many reasons: some are easily understandable (nausea from food poisoning, overwatering evenings, intense stress, digestive complications, …) and others are less so, such as nausea in pregnant women .

These affect almost all expectant mothers: it's hard to cut them off! Most often, they occur in early pregnancy, and in the morning. This is why we often hear the term "morning sickness" – but don't get me wrong, it can be felt at any time of the day. They are caused by the hormonal upheaval caused by pregnancy. This results in spikes in estrogen (a female sex hormone), which causes pregnant women to be overly sensitive to odor. It will suffice, during the first trimester of pregnancy, to come across a slightly marked smell (cooking, too strong spices, a perfume …), to be overcome by a feeling of nausea and a desire to vomit.

Fight nausea

While it should only be a happy moment, pregnancy is often "ruined" by nausea or vomiting. Are there any solutions besides being patient and suffering in silence before becoming a mother? Here are a few tips…

Healthy eating to avoid nausea

There are two main ways to combat nausea during pregnancy: you can start with a few basic tips, and then, if that isn't enough, you can help yourself with a little homeopathy or acupuncture.

Pregnant, start by dividing meals: multiply small meals while making sure to eat slowly and light foods. The goal is not to have long periods of the day with nothing in your stomach (an empty stomach can make nausea worse). Then avoid stress and agitation as much as possible, as well as strong smells (overheated or smoky places, spicy products and foods, etc.). The smells, products and foods that some pregnant women can no longer tolerate vary from case to case.

Warning: "avoiding restlessness" does not mean avoiding all physical activity: a little sport (for example, once or twice a week) is beneficial in fighting nausea when you are pregnant.
On the other hand, do not hesitate to put your partner to work (if this is not already the case) for other less pleasant "household activities", such as ironing, cleaning, washing dishes, …

Also adapt your diet: banish coffee and tea with milk and prefer soups, herbal teas and starches. Be careful not to eat too fatty, acidic or processed products, but rather to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Drink plenty of water as well. But prefer small amounts of water every hour, for example, to a liter bottle in one go. You can also drink water 30 minutes before or after meals to prevent a feeling of a full stomach.

As we know, it is always preferable to avoid going through the medication box and, against nausea and vomiting, there are mild but extremely effective natural remedies.

Herbs for nausea and vomiting

According to the High Authority for Health (HAS) “ The efficacy and safety of complementary or alternative therapies have been insufficiently evaluated during pregnancy such as herbal medicine, hypnosis and aromatherapy. Only ginger and acupuncture are effective for nausea ".

Ginger has been a plant well known to people with digestive problems for years and in many countries! In fact, ginger has digestive as well as antiemetic properties, which means that it acts against nausea and vomiting.

Based on this observation, in case of nausea, from the start of pregnancy you can turn to a very mild food supplement based on ginger which will help your stomach to function properly and will avoid the inconvenience of the nausea of ​​the first months. . On top of that, it strengthens people who are a little weakened and lacking in energy.

Lemon or ginger essential oils (to breathe) would also be effective in some pregnant women to reduce nausea.

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Acupuncture for nausea while pregnant

If you are receptive, acupuncture may be a solution to consider for nausea while pregnant. To do this, go see a professional who will certainly stimulate the P6 acupuncture point or Neiguan point.

Homeopathy for nausea of ​​pregnancy

In some cases, these recommendations, even if they are scrupulously applied, will not be sufficient. In this case, you may have recourse to acupuncture or homeopathy.
Homeopathic treatment will be different depending on what triggers the nausea:

> If it is the sight and the smell of food that bothers you: three granules of Sepia 9 CH in the evening before bedtime.
> If your nausea worsens when you are in the car or bus: three granules of Cocculus 5 CH, three times a day.
> If your nausea worsens as soon as you move, causing dizziness: three granules of Tabacum 4 CH, three times a day.
> If your nausea causes vomiting which calms you down, or if it occurs in the morning: three granules of Nux vomica 5 CH, three times a day.
> If the vomiting does not calm you down, and you cannot swallow anything: take 1 granule every hour of Ipeca 7 CH.

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If your nausea is really too strong and leads to worrying weight loss, seek advice from your doctor or gynecologist who will prescribe an effective and harmless remedy for your baby.

In any case, the fact of having nausea during pregnancy is not abnormal: the popular belief even wants that the women who feel nausea during the first stages of their pregnancy are less likely than the others to make false. layers. Make this moment as unpleasant as possible for you, to live your pregnancy serenely!

What if the nausea doesn't go away?

Nausea (morning or not) and vomiting are often badly experienced by the expectant mother at the start of pregnancy. But for some pregnant women, these symptoms are sometimes more intense. This is called hyperemesis of pregnancy: an aggravated form of nausea during pregnancy.

These frequent nausea and vomiting become very restrictive for the mother-to-be, to the point of upsetting her daily life and the pregnancy is seen as a risk pregnancy. These symptoms can also be very dangerous because they can lead to significant weight loss, dehydration, liver and kidney damage, and even ketosis (fatigue and weight loss). This is why it is necessary to consult a health professional as soon as possible to find a suitable treatment or to remedy it.