“Nauseous”, “disgusting”, “scandalous”: the interview with serial killer Charles Sobhraj alias The Serpent causes an uproar

Solene Delinger
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11:35 a.m., February 06, 2023

Viewers have certainly still not recovered… Sunday February 5, Audrey Crespo-Mara, as usual, interviewed a personality on the show Seven to Eight. But this time, his interlocutor was neither a popular singer nor a great actress but… a serial killer. The journalist indeed found herself face to face with Charles Sobhraj, alias The Serpent.

“I am not a serial killer and I will prove it”

Suspected of having committed around twenty murders in Asia in the 1970s, the septuagenarian was sentenced in Nepal in 2004 to life imprisonment for the murders of American tourist Connie Joe Bronzich and his Canadian friend Laurent Carrière, in 1975. The serial killer was released by the Supreme Court of Nepal on December 21 because of his health problems, then he was repatriated to France. From, he continues to proclaim his innocence. “I am not a murderer, I did not kill anyone (…) I am not a serial killer and I will prove it”, he thus proclaimed in front of Audrey Crespo-Mara. Charles Sobhraj admits having only manipulated tourists to steal money from them.

“I made contact with someone, always tourists and businessmen. We spent the day together. It will go towards the evening, and there, we drink something together, I put a drug in his glass. Well dosed so that he falls asleep when he reaches his room. And that’s where I take his things,” he said in Seven to Eight.

“We are in a society where we give the floor to killers, it’s disgusting”

These statements by the Serpent outraged viewers, many of whom reacted on social networks. “The new trend: highlighting crooks and bandits!”, Could we read on Instagram Sunday, February 5; “Why give a voice to a serial killer?”, “What is the need for this initiative? Is it to give him a platform to be applauded? That he teaches in the big schools? That he recruits followers? Praising crime on a primetime show! Honestly, give it a Nobel while we’re at it!” ; “We are in a society where we give the floor to the killers, it’s disgusting… All my thoughts go out to the families of the victims”, was also indignant a viewer. “What a shame!”, “A madman whom we are going to make a hero. What class. Thank you TF1 for this unhealthy and nauseating interview”, protested other Internet users.

The whole world discovered or rediscovered the existence of Charles Sobhraj in 2021, when Netflix broadcast The snake, a series retracing his murderous journey in Asia. It is the actor Tahar Rahim who had slipped into the skin of the serial killer.

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