NBA 2K23: Experience Careers Beginning in 1983, 1991, or 2002 with New MyNBA Eras

2K Games plans to ride on the success of Michael Jordan in many ways in NBA 2K23. It will be in the spotlight of new Jordan Challengesbut also of its own MyNBA Eraa novel approach to fashion Career classic MyNBA. It will always give us access to a modern adventure, to be lived within the framework of Modern Erabut also to 3 other periods of history.

Thus, we can choose to start our career during the Magic vs. bird era in 1983, the Jordan Era in 1991 and the most recent Kobe Era in 2002. Each Time will bring its lot of land from yesteryear, its specific rules, its television appearance, its outfits, its sponsors and its period commentaries, and of course some historical players. And knowing that each part can last 80 seasonsyou will be able to cross the ages, with regular evolutions until the Modern Era. Of course, from your starting point, the course of history can change to your liking : it’s up to you to shape the new legend with transfers and victories totally different from the past reality.

More details on this experience and the other new features of MyNBA are available on the official website.

NBA 2K23 MyNBA Era 2 NBA 2K23 MyNBA Era 3

The release date of NBA 2K23it’s still for September 9, 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: you can pre-order your copy from €65.99 on

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